Slime Volleyball: One Slime

Slime Volleyball: One Slime Levels

Level 1: Pathetic White Slime

The pathetic white slime is the first and site de paris suisse easiest opponent in the One Slime game. According to the creator of the game he is a cut-down version of the angry slimond.

Level 2: Angry Red Slimonds

Angry red slimonds was named after australian musician Red Symons. According to the creator of the game he is supposed to be slightly more difficult to beat than the pathetic white slime. Some people however find him to be the easiest opponent. None the less both the pathetic and the angry slimes are generally considered to be easy opponents.

Level 3: Master Slime

In contrast with the two first levels the master slime is much 20bet bonus harder to defeat, which is also indicated by his moniker master as opposed to pathetic and angry for the two earlier opponents. The master slime is the last and hardest regular opponent in the game. He has no inherent advantage over the human player. This is in contrast with the next two opponents who either has greater speed or a larger size than the human-controlled slime. Due to the difficulty of defeating the master slime several guides have appeared on the internet containing tips on how to beat him.

Level 4: Psycho Slime

The blinking psycho slime is the first opponent that retains an "unfair" advantage over the human-controlled slime in that he can move significantly faster. He is very difficult to defeat taking up to 100 hours of playing or more. By using guides available on the internet it should be possible to beat him in less time than that.

Level 5: Big Blue Boss

The big blue boss has the advantage of being biggerpari en ligne than the human-controlled slime. He is even harder to defeat than psycho slime, so very few slime players are able to defeat him, even after playing the game for a long time.

Slime Volleyball: One Slime Controls

Key Action
Arrow Keys Move
Spacebar Jump

Click the game scren to start playing Slime Volleyball: One Slime