Do You Play Slime Volleyball?

Hello and welcome to the world of Slime Volleyball! On our website you can play 1xbet android the best Slime Games, starting with Slime Volleyball and Slime Volleyball: One Slime and moving on to Slime Soccer, Slime Basketball and Slime Hockey!

Play Slime Volleyball

slime volleyball

Slime Volleyball 1xbet app can be played against the computer in 1 player mode or with a friend as opponent in 2 players mode. At the beginning of the game, the volleyball is dropped from the top of the screen onto one of the slime players. The slime then has to move and jump to get the volley ball over the net and onto the other slim without the ball hitting the bottom of the screen. The other slime then attempts to hit the ball over the net to the other side again, and that repeats until the ball hits the bottom of the screen. When the ball hits the bottom the screen, the slime whose side the ball did not hit the bottom 1xbet ios of gets the point. The game ends when a slime has got a designated number of points.